About cubbies1945

My name is Philip Joens, but you can just
call me Phil. This will be my 2and season, obviously, as a
ballhawk. I am a Junior at Sioux City East High School in
Sioux City, IA. I am an aspiring journalist and broadcaster.
I am particularly interested in sports journalism. I went to
my first Chicago Cubs game when I was 2. I have been to 2
more Cubs games since, 2 Twins games, 2 Royals games, and
several AAA games. And I am a Minor League Ballhawk!Last year
I snagged… -436 baseballs in 43 games -Averaged 10.6 balls
per game -snagged balls in 3 different stadiums -186 foul
balls( at my home park) -1 foul ball outside home stadium -15
HR at home -2 Grand Slams at home -6 bats at home (5 broken 1
intact) -30 Line-up cards -6 Leagues in 2009


Baseball, Wrestling, Football, Hockey,
Biking/ Cycling, RAGBRAI, Writing, TV, Broadcasting,
Journalism, Sports Journalism, Singing, Acting, Show Choir,
Stage Crew,