6/23/10 at Lewis and Clark Park Sioux City Explorers vs. Saint Paul Saints

I got to the stadium at about 5:40 for batting practice. Once again, there wasn’t a whole lot of action, but there was 4 balls back there. I saw a little kid run behind the wall shortly before me, but he didn’t see any of the balls laying around so I gave him one.

Once again, I stayed out in the parking lot until they stopped taking tickets. I didn’t get anything out there. But I felt tortured. I saw one ball land right in my spot, another ball land short of my spot, ( I probably would not have gotten this one.) and another land right in my spot. I felt litterally sick. I was getting so ancy out there.

After I looked for I think the tenth time I saw that they were not taking tickets. I thought about staying out until the end of the bottom of the fourth. But I hurried into my spot. Well, that really paid off! Get ready for this! My first foul ball came from Ray Cerrano. It was a ball that I thought would stay on the field. The ball was just missed by the first baseman and right fielder. It bounced right on the edge of the warning track and right to me. The next ball was also hit by Ray Cerrano only one pitch later. It landed outside the fence. I climbed the fence and ran after the ball. I grabbed it, hustled back only to see yet another foul ball by my spot. The kid I beat out on my last ball the night before got it. I wasn’t too dissappointed, there was nothing I could do. I found one ball just sitting by a gate on to the field. I was up to 7 balls at this point.

Ole Sheldon hit a ball that I was sure was going to land in the seats, but it bounced off the top of the stairs, took a bounce that I wasn’t ready for, and was beaten out by the same kid. Two batters later Brent Krause came up again. He lined one just over the top of the bleachers and into my glove! I yelled at the Saints bullpen “that one was for you” as they cheered.My next ball was in the bottom of the fifth. Derek Schemerhorn hit a ball that only cleared the bleachers by about 4 feet. I caught it while turning and making the catch just over my shoulder. Once again, I turned and looked at the cheering Saints bullpen. I was up to 9 balls and I had gotten 5 in 6 outs of play!

My next ball came when Flint Wibke hit a ball just outside the fence. I saw it hit the ground, bounce, and roll farther into the parking lot. I ran after the ball and got it easily. My next ball was hit again by Ray Cerrano. It was a high fly ball that I tried to catch. It landed just over my shoulder and I snagged it on the bounce. My 12th ball was also hit by Brent Krause in the top of the ninth. It was a line over the bleachers. I tried to catch it, but it hit the palm of my glove and I dropped it. I heared the Saints bullpen playfully heckling me. One pitcher even said “oh you know you dropped it”.  I picked the ball up and made my way up to the Explorers dugout. I ended up grabbing the Saint Paul Saints line-up card after the game.

641 baseballs

205 baseballs in 2010 


My spot for righties.

My spot for lefties.






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