6/22/10 at Lewis and Clark Park Sioux City Explorers vs. Saint Paul Saints

Ok, I will keep this entry short because the game was pretty boring. I got to the stadium at 5:40 for the end of batting practice. I ended up finding 3 beat up batting practice balls behind the wall. Of course I’d always like if they hit more out. (Also,lately the Explorers have been picking up their batting practice home runs.) But I still got off to a good start.

I can’t always afford tickets, so I usually wait out in the parking lot until they stop taking tickets around 8:00. Well I did this and it is always extreemly frustrating. I never seem to get foul balls out in the parking lot. I saw a ball on top of the batting cage when I did this. I didn’t think the ball would still be there when I got in. But when I entered in the bottom of the fourth, it was still there. I went inside the batting cage and threw my glove at the ball. I had to hit it so it would move off of the top of the net. I got that and that was ball number 4. The rest of the game was really slow. I ended up getting one foul ball hit by Brent Kraus. It was a high fly ball that I didn’t think would clear the stands. But it ended up traveling past the stands and into the mud right at my feet.

I am not sure who hit my 6th ball. It was a foul ball straight over the stands. It landed in the parking lot. I saw it bounce, but I didn’t see where it ended up. I climbed the fence, ran in the direction of it, and look hurridly for it. I saw it sitting in the street, beat a 14 year old kid I know well out, and grabbed it. It felt good to get that one to close out the night.

Overall, it was a blow out game with not a whole lot of foul balls, so it was pretty frustrating. Did I mention that I was beaten out on two home run balls? A friend of mine always goes after mostly home runs. He isn’t nesscarily a ballhawk, but he likes getting balls with out a glove. He always seems to beat me out on home runs, so that is very frustrating

629 balls

193 in 2010.



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