6/21/10 at Lewis and Clark Park

Ok, I arrived at the stadium at 5:30 P.M. only to see batting practice happening in the batting cage. I was crushed because my stats have been suffering due to the lack of batting practice happening on the field lately. My goal coming into the season was to get to 1000 baseballs. It was probably too ambitious, but it is the truth. But going into that game I had just 619. And the Explorer’s first half home schedule was almost done.

Anyway, I waited patiently outside the stadium as the game started. The parking lot is a great place for foul balls so I figured I’d try it. Well on the third batter of the game he hit one my direction. I saw it land and bounce, but I was distracted by seeing one of my friends go after it and missed the ball. I pannicked and looked everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. A little kid ended up finding it just past my car to my right! It was so frustrating, but I had to move on. I joined my friend inside the staduim after that.

My first foul ball came when another ball landed in the parking lot and I hopped the fence on the first base side. I hopped the fence, saw it land and where it went, and it seemed pretty routine.

My second foul ball was a high pop up that almost hit the stands. It also almost hit a little 6 year old girl in the head. Well it missed both, dropped right at my feet, and stuck on the soft grass!

Ball 3 was a 3rd out ball from right fielder Jason Cooper, who I mistook to be Brent Kraus. Anyway, he messed with me earlier when I tried to get one from first baseman Ole Sheldon. He said to me “what do you say”? Well, he looked straight at me, with the ball this time, laughed and said “what do you say?” I said “please” and he tossed it to my bare hand; and away from other kids trying for the ball!

And my fourth and final ball of the night was a foul ball that the bullpen tossed to a couple of kids while I was in my spot for lefties. It was a bad throw and ended up coming to me. I dropped it, but I still got it. I would have given it to the kids, but they were about 12 years old. And at L&C if you are 12, you should get a foul ball on your own. I would have given it to them, but it was a game used foul ball, with an interesting rub on it, and I simply don’t give away game balls! I don’t care where I am or how I got it, a game ball is a game ball and it is important to me.

4 balls : 623 for the season.



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