6/17/2010 at Kaufman Stadium and I am Back!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I’ll admit. I had really abandoned the blog effort, but I’m back now for good!

So far this season I have snagged 176 balls in 13 games. So I am up to 615 in 2 years.

Last Thursday I had the chance to go down to Kaufman Stadium for the first time since it’s renovation in 2009. I only had one game down there and it was going to be tough. I wanted to get to the stadium by 4:30 P.M. so I could roam around and take pictures. But… well… apparently that was too hard for my baseball hating stepmom and sister.

During the whole 4 hour trip to KC I slept and dremt of the new remodled Kaufman Stadium. Even though I am a Chicago Cubs fan attending a Kansas City Royals vs. Houston Astros game, I lost sleep over the wait to get to the K.

Anyway, back to my stepmom and sister. I soon realized that my dad was a ***** and would cave to my stepmom who utterly hates anything to do with sports. (She didn’t even realize the Kansas City Royals were a Major League team until 2:00 P.M. the day of the game. She thought they were Triple-A. This came even after we talked about the Omaha Royals being the Kansas City Royals Triple- A affiliate as we passed through Omaha.) I propssed the idea of leaving at 4:30 P.M., knowing I’d have to give way to 4:45 P.M. Still, I knew I’d have 15 minutes or so to wander towards Home Plate and then on over to the LF gate.

As 4:00 P.M. came up I knew I was in trouble. Everyone was napping. My parents hate to being woken up early from naps. At 4:30 my heart started beating. Nobody was awake except for me! What was I going to do? I just had to get there to take pictures! 4:35. Nothing! Still Sleeping!!!! 4:40. My dad wakes up, but the evil stepmom complains and sleeps for 5 more minutes!!!!!!!!!! My dad realizes our toilet is plugged and just blames it on me. He makes me run to the front desk to get a plunger. It’s 4:42 right now! WE HAVE TO GO!!!!!!! WHO CARES ABOUT A TOILET!!!!!!!! I race up and down the elveator. They can’t find the plunger. I don’t care! I see other fans leaving for the game and I think “This can’t be happening”. My stepmom isn’t ready until 4:55. We leave at 5:00 P.M.

The drive there only took 8 minutes, but I couldn’t take pictures like I really wanted to. We are told to to park right by the right field gate. Well, at least that is good. The gates don’t open until 5:30 and it is 5:10 P.M. Still, there are a bunch of fans over there. I know I will not be the first one in. Or will I?

As I approach the gate, I am pleasently surprised to see most of the fans in line for tickets. I just happened to meet another ballhawk named Kyle at the gate. Well, this happened to be extreemly lucky. Kyle and I ended up sharing a lot of knowledge about ballhawking. He told me about all of the best spots and told me things that I never would have figured out if it weren’t for him. My first ball came on a toss up from Ronny Paulin in Right Center by the gap. My second ball came on a toss up from Wanndy Rodriguez. As Wanndy wen to grab the ball a kid in a Royals shirt had a HUGE GLOVE!! I am not 100 % sure if it is exactly the same big glove as Zack Hample, but it had to be about that size. Check his out here to see his big glove: http://snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com/archives/2008/04/42408_at_champion_stadium.html.

Anyway, this kid shouts “my glove is bigger”. Well, I was in my Astros shirt and simply shouted “I’m an Astros fan”. And that sealed it! I knew once I said that the ball was mine and Wanndy didn’t even think about tossing it to that other kid!! HaHa! Score one for PJ!!!!! I have no clue who my third ball came from. It was a toss up from some pitcher to some kid. The kid’s mom went for it at the same time as the kid. It bounced off their hands and came straight down the wall to me. I felt kind of bad, but I was at my first MLB game this year so there was no way I was giving it away! 

The rest of BP was pretty slow. I tried to use my glove trick on a ball in the center field gap, but an usher stopped me. He said the Royals have gotten much stricter about ball retriving devices since the Zack Hample incident last June. See Here: http://snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/06/ Basicly he said using any device in the gap, on the field, of in the fountains is like running onto the field or into the fountains. What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????/ Did I hear him correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? Just using a ball retrieving device can get you a night in jail???????? And they don’t have this posted anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I also couldn’t use my fountain device and I painfully watched as a couple balls sank. I mannaged to get Kevin Cash to toss me a ball in the Astros bullpen as he started his warmups. The rest of the game was cool. Kyle and I really tried for foul balls on the lower concourse entrances, and I came fairly close once, but some old man got luck and caught it bare handed. Oh well

4 balls

2 year total: 615 balls in 60 games

5 MLB Balls

10 balls outside of Sioux City.





One comment

  1. zackhample

    The Royals ARE a Triple-A team…oh wait.
    Great game. Congrats on the four balls, and man, that really sucks about the ban on retrieval devices. (And it also sucks that you were nearly late.) Glad it all worked out, though.

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