New blog, welcome to the blogosphere

Well today is a big day for me. It is the start of my very own blog. So, I bet you want to know a little bit about myself. (I would) My name is Philip Joens, but you can just call me Phil. This will be my 2and season, obviously, as a ballhawk. I am a Junior at Sioux City East High School in Sioux City, IA. I am an aspiring journalist and broadcaster. I am particularly interested in sports journalism. 

Ok, so Sioux City, IA isn’t the closest city to a Major League city. I hope that doesn’t turn anybody away from this blog, but this will be a minor league blog. But minor league baseball is fun!!!!
I’ve loved baseball my whole life. I attended my first Chicago Cubs game when I was 2 years old, and I’ve said “since that day I was destined to be a baseball player”. I’m not the most talented guy, I have never played High-School baseball. Unfortunately been cut all 3 times I’ve tried out. I go to a big school… that is a baseball school… What can I say? It sucks, and it is not what I thought would happen 3 years ago, but who knows what can happen in April of 2010. Being cut has not dampened my love for the game one bit… In fact being cut has probably strengthened my bond with baseball. I have been a Little League Umpire for 4 years, 5 next year; and I am going to get certified to do High-School games in the spring of 2011. Because I was cut last year I had some free time on my hands and I found ballhawking!!!! I also found Zack Hample’s blog on blogs. (For those of you who don’t know Zack Hample is only the Great God of Ballhawking. Here is a link to his blog                      
My local team is the Sioux City Explorers of the American Association of Independent Baseball.
(They are in the same league as the St. Paul Saints for those who are not familiar with the
American Association.) They are one of the original Northern League teams from 1993. These
teams formed the foundation for independent professional baseball today. I am also near the
Iowa Cubs and Omaha Royals of the Pacific Coast League. (BTW the Iowa Cubs and Omaha Royals are AAA teams for the Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals respectivly for those who don’t know.) I am also near the Sioux Falls Canaries, Linclon Saltdogs, University of Nebraska Baseball, and of
course, the Collage World Series.
I’ll be honest and say that my home park is almost a little too easy for a collector (no joke the only thing that keeps me out of games is ticket prices. I’ll rant about that later), but none the less
here are my 2009 season stats:
Last year I snagged…
-436 baseballs in 43 games
-Averaged 10.6 balls per game
-snagged balls in 3 different stadiums
-186 foul balls( at my home park)
-1 foul ball outside home stadium
-15 HR at home
-2 Grand Slams at home
-6 bats at home (5 broken 1 intact)
-30 Line-up cards
-6 Leagues in 2009
(-MLB, American Association, PCL, Northern League, Golden League, NAIA)
Thank You very much for reading my first blog entry and please stay tuned to future entries that will be coming in the coming days. 🙂 🙂

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